How many days in the office is enough?!

Do we dare to go so far as to offer our colleagues so-called “total flexibility” in the working environment? TUI, the major travel company, wants to give its employees the option of coming into the office for just one day a month*.

Studies show that the overall well-being of company employees increases when there is the possibility to alternate between different physical work settings and environments.

Typically, the choice is between the traditional office with desk and office chair or the home office with laundry and household chores. In some cases, the classic office workspace is transformed into a “flying seat” where you don’t know exactly where you will sit today.


3000 employees only show up at the office one day a month

At TUI in the UK, around 3,000 of the group’s 10,000 or so employees will now only be required to turn up one day a month. In a press release, TUI says:

“A job is something we do – not somewhere we go.”

No doubt we have all become wiser about the possibilities for the physical environment of work during and after Covid. And now HELLOWORKR offers the opportunity to trump flexibility and increase the joy of working among colleagues even more.

The 3rd link of the hybrid workplace is our solution, where your employees work from cool luxury hotels in the city – as much as they want and as often as they want.

Read much more about our solution on this page and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to know more about an attractive company scheme.

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