The hybrid workplace?? What’s in it for me?!

What is a hybrid workplace? And does it have anything to do with me? Yes, it does. That is, if you want to work wherever and whenever it suits you. HELLOWORKR is the third link in the hybrid workplace.

In general terms, the hybrid workplace is a combination of your ability to alternate between working in the office with your colleagues or from your home workplace.

During Covid, we all learned what it means to work at home, and many of us want to keep the option – even in a world without Covid. For example, many of the 900 employees at property manager DEAS want to keep the flexibility of their options.*


What if we could make the hybrid workplace even more attractive and vibrant?

HELLOWORKR is the latest addition to the hybrid workplace. The 3rd link. Version 2.0.

We expand the choices and make the hybrid workplace even more attractive and motivating by adding multiple locations to the palette of possibilities.

Leading design hotels make their lobby, restaurant and bar available to our members, who gain new inspiration, new job satisfaction, new ways of working and new communities when they optionally check into the cool surroundings as much and as long as they want.

Your colleagues get

  • New creative, motivating and great surroundings every day
  • Lots of cool benefits at each hotel associated with the HELLOWORKR subscription
  • Access to a whole new community and network with lots of other interesting WORKRs
  • Invitations to events, talks, tastings, Friday bars, travels and more

The company gets

  • An easy and cost-effective way to add an extra dimension to the hybrid workplace
  • Greater employee satisfaction and lots of employee goodwill with an experiential, company-wide scheme
  • Opportunity to further reduce the amount of square footage in the office landscape – or use it differently

The hotels get

  • Utilization of their many, expensive square feet in exclusive locations in the metropolis at times when the areas are not typically used
  • Access to a whole new audience and target group to be served by the hotel
  • Opportunity to distribute special offers, treats and rewards through the HELLOWORKR platform



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