Want to recruit from more and better candidates??!

How can we help you get more and better job candidates when recruiting? What’s fundamentally important to our colleagues who are trying to balance work-life in a hectic everyday life?

“Honestly. It doesn’t matter where you live or where you work. As long as you take care of your commitments, your workplace can be anywhere you want.”


That was the job advertisement from accounting firm Amesto Accounthouse when they were recruiting new colleagues. And the number of applicants increased tenfold for this vacancy compared to the previous one, simply because the director allowed the employee to work from anywhere*.

“We have struggled for many years to attract resources, and for a long period we had to turn down new clients because we didn’t have enough manpower. Now we’re looking at a tenfold increase in applicants, which so far has resulted in five new employees who will be 100% remote,” says Kasper Mortensen, CEO of Amesto Accounthouse*.

HELLOWORKR makes it easy for you to increase job satisfaction and well-being among your employees. As the 3rd link in the hybrid workplace, where we can work both in the office and from home – and now also with HELLOWORKR’s concept – you increase your attractiveness when recruiting the very best employees in your industry.

With HELLOWORKR, your colleagues can work from the city’s luxury hotels, whenever they want and as much as they want. And at the same time, they become part of a cool and attractive community that they will experience as a perk and benefit brought about by you as a company.

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