Want to recruit from more and better candidates??!

How can we help you get more and better job candidates when recruiting? What’s fundamentally important to our colleagues who are trying to balance work-life in a hectic everyday life? “Honestly. It doesn’t matter where you live or where you work. As long as you take care of your commitments, your workplace can be anywhere […]

How many days in the office is enough?!

Do we dare to go so far as to offer our colleagues so-called “total flexibility” in the working environment? TUI, the major travel company, wants to give its employees the option of coming into the office for just one day a month*. Studies show that the overall well-being of company employees increases when there is […]

The hybrid workplace?? What’s in it for me?!

What is a hybrid workplace? And does it have anything to do with me? Yes, it does. That is, if you want to work wherever and whenever it suits you. HELLOWORKR is the third link in the hybrid workplace. In general terms, the hybrid workplace is a combination of your ability to alternate between working […]